Waveney Tree Specialists

Topping, Trimming, Pruning and Reshaping   It is good husbandry and kind to the trees to remove all dead wood and keep the shape of the tree balanced. To do this properly needs experience, knowledge of the species and a very good eye for shape. Our grounds men are the eyes of the tree surgeon, […]


Waveney Tree Clearing

Just bought a wilderness? Have brambles overtaken your hedge?  Want to build an extension but trees and shrubs are in the way?  Waveney Tree Specialists can help.


Waveney Hedging Services

All sizes and kinds of hedge brought under control. Leylandii hedging gives good cover very quickly, but it can also get out of hand. This Deutz Fahr tractor with flail and hedge cutting equipment will fit through a garden gate. Grass tyres are fitted. This means that there will be no damage to paddocks and […]

Stump Removal

Stump Removal Services

Waveney Tree Specialists are able to remove all sizes of stump. Back fill with soil and you can replant the same day.

Disease & Storm Damage

Waveney Tree Specialist - Disease & Storm

Storm Damage Wind, lightning or weight of snow can snap or crack the thickest boughs. Waveney Tree Specialists are experienced in repairing this kind of damage either by removal of the damaged limb or by bracing the tree to prevent further damage. Tree Surgery Tree surgery is the art of repairing damage and preventing and treating disease. […]

Tree Landscaping

Waveney Tree Specialist - Tree Landscaping

Looking to plant trees for the future generation?  Waveney Tree Specialists are able to advise on all aspects of tree landscaping; they can even remove out grown avenues and copses and replant for you.  Full tree surveys and aerial inspections can be given; please contact us to discuss your needs.

Tree Felling

Waveney Tree Specialist - Tree Felling

Waveney Tree Specialists are experienced in felling all sizes and species of tree. Alan Garnham is the East of England Tree Felling Champion. If a tree needs to be removed and is near buildings or roads, Waveney Tree Specialists will dismantle the tree using either climbers or hoists. Large boughs are manoeuvred away from buildings using pulleys and […]